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Window Shades

Custom Window Shade Designer in Hartford, CT

At SBR Designs we provide a wide range of hardware for window shade treatments, from completely automated systems to standard roller shades custom cut for your window sizes. Our team can provide recommendations and install shade products throughout Connecticut, New York, and Boston areas. Window shades can provide you the privacy, comfort and esthetic look a home or business desires. We provide custom shade to order based on the designer or client request. Below are some of our "Standard Window Shades". If you would like a look or a shade that is not listed here or would like to discuss other options, please call 860.951.7121 and we can provide you with a custom quote for your window treatments.

Bright Living Space


Roller shades are the simplest type of shade used on windows; and roller shades come in a huge variety of fabric choices and lifting systems. Roller shades fit inside the window casement and operate with a pulley-type system that rolls the shade up and down with a snap of the wrist or the pull of a cord. Shades that are more expensive often have a lift mechanism requiring no cord, however. Along with plastic, there are roller shades made from a wide range of stylish materials, including bamboo, burlap and a huge selection of fabrics. There are lots of ways to further accessorize these versatile window treatments, such as tassels, trim, and painted designs.

This type of window treatment is often used in combination with drapes or valances, and it’s very effective at filtering and blocking light.

Tie Up Shade


The tie-up shade, also known as the stagecoach-style, is basically fabric hanging flat from a rod or mounting board. Instead of using a roller or cords, however, you simply lift the shades by hand to the desired height and then tie them open with attached ribbons or ties. This gives the window treatment a graceful drape along the bottom. Yes, this also means that adjusting the shade requires rolling or unrolling it while tying or untying the ribbons every time. That can be inconvenient, so many people use tie-up shades as a decorative touch over an easier-to-handle roller shade or mini-blind.

Tie-up shades work very well in many decorating styles, especially glamorous, formal or traditional looks.

Hotel view from balcony


Roman shades are very popular and are made of one long, continuous piece of fabric. Horizontal folds along the length of Roman shades allow them to be raised and lowered. The look of these window shades is like a combination of a traditional blind and a fabric drape.

Curtains and Blinds


Balloon shades have cords running through rings on the back of the shade. When pulled open, the shade’s fabric gathers into cascades of billowy poufs, giving the window treatment a romantic, formal and somewhat old-fashioned appearance. You’ll find balloon shades made from the sheerest of fabrics all the way up lined, heavy material that block out all light. Typically, however, balloon shades are made from sheer or silky fabrics that drape gracefully and easily.

Curtains and Blinds


Like Roman shades, pleated shades are also made of a single piece of fabric. The difference is that pleated shades don’t have the same drape, and they’re pulled more taught and look like slats due to having many more horizontal folds.

Bright Living Space


Looking for a way to increase your home’s energy efficiency in an attractive way? If so, cellular shades will probably suite your needs. They’re made of fabric configured into honeycomb cells that work by trapping air between the window and its room. In the winter time this results in heat gain, while in the summer cellular shades help your home give off more heat and stay cooler.


Motorized shades are the ultimate in convenience. If you’ve ever wanted to avoid the hassle of tugging at a blind or shade cord to open and close your windows, this is the perfect option. Motorized shades are mechanical and operate with a simple push of a button. There are some models that have elaborate features or remote controls that allow the shades to be tilted without you having to physically adjust them.

Hotel view from balcony


Solar window shades, also known as window sunglasses, are designed to filter sunlight and allow a greater degree of light control. At the same time, while these shades limit the amount of light coming in, they also don’t block your view of the outdoors. The more light that the shades filter, the more opaque they’ll be.

Hotel Room


Sheer and semi-sheer shades are best used in rooms that don’t need a ton of privacy, but do benefit from having natural light. The composition of the fabric used in these shades allows a room to be brightened up during the day, and sheer shades can also serve as a decorative element.



If you’ve ever seen a sushi rolling mat, imagine one that’s large enough to cover a window — that’s a good approximation of what bamboo shades look like. They’re also called Bali shades, sold by a company named Bali. These window shades work beautifully with global, Asian, and African decor, as well as rooms where you want a casual look that’s stylish. Bamboo window shades are sturdy, versatile, and less expensive than other types of exotic woods.

Curtains and Blinds


If your room is casual or you want to bring an organic element into a space, consider natural woven shades. They’re often made of reeds, grasses, or sustainable materials and are effortlessly stylish. Those looking for more privacy often use natural woven shades with a liner or roller shade underneath.

Curtains and Blinds


If you like the function of vertical blinds but want something that looks more attractive, panel track shades are a great alternative. They’re comprised of several panels that are covered with fabric, and you can easily slide them around to cover up or unveil your windows. When it comes to privacy and light control, few options beat panel track blinds. It’s common for panel track treatments to be placed in living rooms, dining rooms, and areas with long windows.

Bright Living Space


Shutters are a classic window treatment choice, adding architectural design directly to your windows. Shutters are a great value when you consider they actually add value to your home.

The elegant design of shutters looks attractive from both the inside and the outside.

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